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where business goals and smart solutions meet


At the end of the day all businesses, large or small have certain things in common: They want to increase revenue, solve problems and identify opportunities for business growth.  In today's environment, in order to be competitive, you have to work smart.  You must identify the real problem and find solutions that are effective, affordable and sustainable.  This is where we come in, our approach is simple, we provide services  and products that help our clients achieve their business goals and objectives. 



With over 40 years of combined IT experience, the SkywardTech team is equipped with experienced that has spanned through the fast moving and growing industry of technology, specifically as it relates to automation and how to find the right solutions that solve problems while focusing on overall business objectives within the organizations we serve.  


Our current products include NeuroCram which is a question bank for Neurology Residents and Ticket Wizard an app used for Car Repair and Maintenance Shops.  Both of these applications can be tailor made for any business that wants to develop their own question bank as in the case of NeuroCram.  Ticket Wizard can be used by any business that needs to produce a ticket for the services they provide.  


Our LMS platform is designed to give our clients the capability of creating their own learning management system to onboard new employees, train existing employees content that is useful for them performing their jobs or for entrepreneurs to set up their own private label web-based teaching/training/educational business.

Our Commitment to our Clients

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We are committed to listening to our clients and understanding objectives and pain points.  We provide products and services that effectively help companies solve their automation challenges as well as take advantage of new and existing opportunities.

SkywardTech  Team

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